Monday, October 10, 2011

We're here!

September 22, 2011.  Road trip to North Carolina for the Writers’ Police Academy.  After a car malfunction in West Virginia, my daughter and I barely made it to our destination in time for our first activity.  We were two of the lucky winners for a tour of the jail to kick start the conference.  And by the way – many thanks to Lee Lofland and the wonderful volunteers who ran the event.  (Check out Lee Lofland’s blog – The Graveyard Shift for an overview of the Academy and other cool stuff!).

The jail tour was awesome.  The administrator took us all around the jail while explaining the entire process to us.  There’s a lot to be said for first hand experience.  As a mystery writer, you want to grasp the real feel of things. 

We were physically standing in the “rec” area where the inmates spend their time when not confined in their cells.  An octagon of cells along the far walls surrounded us.  As we stood listening to the guide, you could see the male prisoners standing in their cell windows (think rooms with doors with a long, narrow window pane – not bars).  Many of them stood there the entire time watching us.  Major creep factor!

All in all it was an informative start to the conference. 

Check back for more highlights next week!


  1. Major creepy feel! What was your favorite part of the tour, by the way? (And I'm still sorry about the car!)

  2. Know what's really creepy? These guys were all somebody's neighbor until they got caught. How well do you know your neighbors?

  3. Gee thanks, Lee -- Way to make a girl feel safe!!

  4. By the way - absolute favorite activity was the FATS (Fire arms training simulator)! But I'll write more about that later on the blog.