Friday, August 28, 2015


We got to play with the superglue fuming chamber...

Did you know a pre-puberty child’s fingerprints are uncollectable after 48 hours? (Fingerprints are 99% water and 1% oils. However, the oils do not secrete until after puberty, so a child’s prints will ‘disappear’)


I haven't ironed in years...
but we had to lift those prints!


We also learned about blood spatter
and how to follow the trajectory




Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Another successful Writers’ Police Academy

Lee Lofland and his gang have done it again. This past weekend brought together writers from all over the country to another hands-on conference.

The new location was the Fox Valley Technical College in Appleton, Wisconsin. (After trekking the 14 hr. drive to North Carolina in the past, it was a huge relief to have only a 3 ½ hr. drive from Chicago.)

The 1st day started with a rescue demonstration by the fire department, complete with Stokes basket.

My first class was “Fire Fundamentals” where we got to ride in a fire truck. 

I think we flunked ‘Seat Belt 101’ since none of us could properly belt ourselves in.

Next up - A fingerprint expert 
and Coroner Amanda Thoma.

There is a 727 plane parked in the back of the academy. 

We sat on the plane and watched a demo where the instructor showed us how to deal with an unruly passenger.

Lastly, we entered a smoke-filled building. 

The smoke deepened to the point that the only thing I could see was the person directly in front of me. 

Yet firemen can clear a room in 6 seconds.