Wednesday, December 28, 2022

Reading Challenges

 Gearing up for 2023 Reading Challenges.

I'm participating in:

My own Reporter's Challenge on Goodreads 

The Alphabet Challenge

Yvonne's Cozy Challenge

Monday, October 17, 2022

New Cozy Mystery

 Be sure to check out Renae Janecek's 1st cozy mystery.

Murder is on the ticket, and the order’s up!

 Reggie Bore was a rotten egg. Almost everyone in the small Texas town had a negative interaction with him. However one encounter turned deadly…

 When the body of the grumpy town blackmailer is discovered behind Lia’s family diner, her father becomes the prime suspect. Now Lia and her best friend, Harris, need to sift through the eccentric locals to find the real killer. Their hunt for clues is full of twists and turns and false accusations. To make matters worse, a no-nonsense detective demands Lia stop interfering in the investigation.

Can they solve the case before the culprit dishes out another serving of murder? And this time it’s Lia’s name on the menu… 

November 1st is the release date, but you can preorder now!

Wednesday, April 13, 2022


Carl Danby returns to tackle yet another unusual case.

Dennis Bernard is thirty years old. He believes in the family curse—many relatives never live to see their thirty-first birthday. Worried about Dennis’ well-being, his girlfriend hires the Hudson Detective Agency. The case is assigned to Carl Danby, but how does one investigate a curse?

Danby hits the streets with his tag-along sidekick, Junior. To make matters worse, the boss has also assigned a famous mystery writer to dog their footsteps so she can observe how a private detective operates.  

To Danby’s dismay, the mystery writer doesn’t quietly sit back and watch Danby and Junior at work. Instead, she throws herself into the investigation with various theories and explanations.

As Dennis’ birthday fast approaches, will the detective trio be able to keep him alive?

This story is 19,968 words with additional material at the end of the book.

Wednesday, January 13, 2021

An Ode to 2020


                  2020 IN HINDSIGHT


Twas the year 2020, when all through the land,

A global pandemic swept through unplanned.

Lives put on hold per the stay-at-home order,

Trying to stop germs from crossing the border.

Corona no longer just a Mexican beer,

Now it’s a deadly virus the world does fear.

Citizens in lockdown, trapped in quarantine,

Scientists scrambling for an effective vaccine.

Wash your hands, wear a mask, stay six feet apart,

And when you go shopping, disinfect that cart!

A run on supplies, no toilet paper in stock,

What a conundrum, I confess I’m in shock.

Eating in restaurants is a thing of the past,

No social gatherings, how long can this last?

Travel bans, social distance and curbside pickup,

Is this the new norm or just a slight hiccup?

Homemade banana bread is the newest trend,

As we pray for this nightmare to finally end.

Our hair’s growing longer, we’re all gaining weight,

A natural occurrence as we hibernate.

And in-person functions are all doom and gloom,

Now meetings are held on that program called Zoom.

Dressed in pajamas and working remotely,

Switch that mute button on, so the boss doesn’t quote me.

Businesses closing, I hope they don’t fail,

These are desperate times, but the check’s in the mail.

Students being taught by their teachers through Chrome,

Who would’ve predicted e-learning from home?

Sports cancelled, TV filming grinds to a halt,

Who can we blame? It’s all Covid 19’s fault.

Stuck inside on the couch with nowhere to go,

Turn to Hulu or Netflix to binge watch a show.

The stock market rises, oh - what a relief,

But Las Vegas casinos shut down causing grief.

In Chicago, the Census cowboy is mounted,

Urging: “Fill out your form so you can be counted.”

Thirty days in a month? Seems like sixty-four,

Is it Sunday or Monday, I can’t keep score.

The virus runs rampant, the world is hectic,

Make a decision – believer or skeptic?

Switzerland’s weather produces chocolate snow,

While we wait and wonder is it Donald or Joe?

Murder hornets, monkeys stealing blood samples,

These are some of last year’s weirdest examples.

Natural disasters all add to our woe,

Wildfires, earthquakes, a firenado,

Why is this all happening? Too much to ignore,

Knock on wood and don’t ask what else is in store.

Who killed Mr. Peanut? We have to think hard,

I didn’t include that on my bingo card.

2020 is over, past time to depart,

Hello 2021, let’s have a fresh start!


Ellie Oberth

January 2021

Sunday, November 15, 2020

Book Release


Just released...

Hazel Cartbell is back in her third mystery in the Who Murdered...? series.

It's the Christmas season in Andover, NH. Hazel and Chief Rasmussen must investigate the murder of Santa's helper.

The elf has been killed, the Christmas presents stolen and Sister Marie Catherine is breathing down their necks.

Will Hazel and the chief solve the mystery and save Christmas?



Friday, November 6, 2020



Having a wild ride with Nanowrimo...

50,000 words in 30 days. I've been a participant since 2007 and have 'won' some and not finished some. But it's always a huge motivator to propel my stories forward.

I am determined to have another 'winner' under my belt.  ☺☺☺

Thursday, October 29, 2020

Book Release


Just in time for the holidays...

Christmas Caper by Jennifer Oberth

Ella’s pirate father-in-law is hosting the biggest Christmas bash Port Bass has ever seen. But when a guest is murdered, her husband is three sheets to the wind, and her boss is enamored with his new romance, it’s left up to Ella to solve the murder—quietly.

Can she enjoy the holidays while working—without pay?

This is the seventh story in the Ella Westin Mysteries and is 42,118 words.