Wednesday, July 23, 2014

This is what our cats do while I write...



At least they're mystery fans, too...



Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Coming in August...
Carl Danby & Junior return in:
These storefront mediums have always appeared interchangeable to me.  Same look: flowing caftan, beads, bangles, long hair, veil…  After seeing Darryl, I’m not sure what to expect when Jubilee Conroy swishes into the back room.  She’s his age, twenty-something, spiked red hair, blue jeans and a skintight tank top which shows off a navel ring.  I wouldn’t call her a medium though, more like an extra large.  Mounds of flesh pour out of her tight clothes in all the wrong places.  Her handshake is firm; her voice dreamy.
“I told Darryl not to worry.  Samuel will reveal all.”
“I want to keep you safe until that happens,” Darryl says.
Observing his tone and the look in his eyes as he gazes at his wife, I realize she’s not simply a meal ticket; this man loves her.
“Mrs. Conroy,” I begin.
She interrupts.  “Call me Jubilee.”
Doubtful.  “Can you…uh…contact Mr. Bittner now?”  I can’t believe I’m asking this.
She shakes her head.  “Samuel is confused.  He wants to cross over, but has unfinished business.  His spirit requires time to reflect.  I will try to summon him later tonight.”
Really?  I’m unsure how to proceed. 
* * * * * * * *
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