Monday, October 31, 2011


I thought this would be a perfect Halloween post.

Yes, I'm still blogging about the Writers Police academy -  it was such a fantastic weekend!

Above my daughter and I volunteered to dig a grave.  Let me tell you - it's a heckuva lot harder than it looks.  The first clank of my shovel hit rock.  And it didn't get too much better after that.  This was a very difficult task.  I, for one, ran out of steam pretty quickly.

Our instructor informed us that this is the reason it is called a "shallow grave".  Killers manage to dig about 18 inches and then just dump the body and cover it up with dirt.  It is extremely difficult to dig a real grave and they figure it's good enough. 

This is also why so many gravesites are discovered.  If killers really dug down a good 5 to 6 feet, their victims would probably never be discovered!


  1. Creepy, isn't it? That ground was so rock hard and what dirt was there was heavy from all the rains. It would be an impossible task! (And to think, I've got my characters digging graves all the time.)

  2. Again this is a situation where the experience is priceless. Who knew it'd be so hard a task (without actually trying to do it)?

  3. I know it! It sounds easy - or at least, it sounds straight-forward. I never would have thought it that difficult. SO glad we got to see for yourselves! (Or 'feel' for ourselves...)