Friday, October 14, 2011

Alternate Light Source.


My first class - Alternate Light Source.  Think CSI, blacklight & goggles.  The speaker was Professor David Pauly.  The first thing they did was to turn out the lights.  Then a strong flashlight was laid on the floor.  It was amazing to see all the footprints that showed up (it was raining hard outside and our shoes were wet as we walked into the classroom.).

After a discussion on various techniques, we got to don amber colored goggles and use a blacklight.  Our target was four towels.  Bright spots of blue and/or green specks were highly visible.  You didn’t know what they were, but you knew they were possible “evidence”.

It was suggested that we might try this in our hotel room. 

I don’t think so!

Sometimes knowledge is highly overrated!

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  1. Ieeeeeee! Never try it in the hotel room - I already guess what's there but I do NOT want to know!!!

    Cool class. I missed that one. There were so many classes to choose from, we couldn't do them all. (That's good and bad.)