Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Mykonos, Greece

This was the very first time I set foot in Greece!  Mykonos is a gorgeous sea-faring island.  It was one of my favorite stops on the cruise (the other was Dubrovnik, Croatia)


Every building was white & the streets were mazes (influenced by Venice)

Most of the churches were tiny buildings privately owned by a family
(At one time, they had 4,000 residents and 1,000 churches)

The cats on the island are cared for by the island's residents.  During the summer, they have to work for their supper!  The felines are expected to keep the silos rodent free.

The livestock have to be sure footed!

The island's mascot
(The pelican has the right of way at all times!)

A beautiful island


  1. Mykonos looks like a beautiful island to explore. i've not made it to this place but managed to visit Santorini, another gorgeous island. thanks for sharing your journey.

  2. I loved the small islands we visited. Beautiful places!

  3. Gorgeous photos - I love the colorful town! And the cats having to work for their supper my foot - they look as lazy as ours!!

    I love the overcast sky in some of these shots. The place looks so beautiful.