Thursday, January 26, 2012


Several future blogs will highlight my recent trip to Venice & Greece.  I'll post many pictures of the trip.  Remember the days before digital cameras?  At least with my 'slide show' you won't be trapped in my house clicking thru slide after slide.  It amazes me how far technology has come - my previous picture of the Drunken Santa Bike Ride (check it out under Tidbits if you missed it) was taken with my cell phone.  (I have to get better at carrying my camera at all times - you never know when you'll chance upon that next Kodak moment!)

Anyway - November 2011, my fiance and I visited Venice, Italy and then boarded the Costa Victoria headed for Greece. (the recent Costa episode was a horrific tragedy - but our trip was smooth sailing)



  1. Amazing pics.

    My heart lurched when I saw the picture of that cruise ship on its side and then realized that was the line you were on and the area you were in.

  2. I know it's a scary thought - but anything can happen at any time. I feel incredibly sad for the family & friends affected by the cruise ship disaster. It is beyond imagination. On the other hand, we should never let life pass us by because we are too afraid.