Friday, January 13, 2012


Author Carolyn Hart

This book is one of Hart's Death on Demand mysteries.  The sleuths in this series are Annie & Max Darling, a young married couple who live on the sea island of Broward's Rock, South Carolina.
Annie is looking for a get-a-way vacation since a lot of her family and friends are away from home at this time.  Max gets a case that takes them as far as Golden Silk, a private sea island off the coast of South Carolina.  (Mmm - not exactly the dramatic change of scenery Annie longed for!)
Golden Silk had belonged to Jeremiah Addison - a powerful media mogul.  He died a year earlier and his sister-in-law, Britt Barlow, now owns the island.  She claims Jeremiah was murdered and invites all the guests from that fatal weekend to return to the estate for a reunion.  Then she hires Max to find a murderer amongst them.
Stranded on the island with no way off and no way to call for help, Annie & Max have to solve the case while the guests are stalked by a killer.

Annie & Max Darling love to make lists.  Lists of suspects, of motives, of alibis...  Anyone who enjoys looking over the shoulders of these 2 lovebird detectives, will enjoy the Death on Demand series. 

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  1. Sounds like Jennifer and Jonathan Hart went to the island from 'And Then There Were None'!!!!