Thursday, December 8, 2016

Just to get in the mood for the holidays, here's a repost of my Who Murdered...? series poem:


Twas the night before Christmas, when all through the house,
The killer was creeping, as quiet as a mouse.
With a gun in his hand and his eyes on the prize,
Who he was after, I could only surmise.

The killer moved quickly, he searched for his goal,
The house was as dark as Victor Kendall’s black soul.
I inched my way slowly, to keep him in sight,
But he stayed in the shadows, as dark as the night.

I grew cold and tired, my brain started to roam,
And I thought of the townsfolk, all warm in their home.
I pictured Mama Bella in her restaurant,
Waiting on her customers to see what they want.

And then in a twinkling, my thoughts started to drift,
To my brother, Sebastian, who always seemed miffed.
Two years my junior, he still acted like a child,
I try not to judge him, without getting riled.

Or the chief’s son, Robbie, a student in college,
He’s studying hard to expand his knowledge.
He’s got a crush on our pretty dispatcher,
Robbie won’t give up hope, thinking he’ll catch her.

Sister Marie Catherine, the old-school nun,
So strict and somber, does she ever have fun?
As I visualized Sister, praying in church,
There came a loud noise and my heart gave a lurch.

There out on the street, a car rolled to a stop,
And Donovan emerged, our new rookie cop.
With a huff and a puff, he raced up beside me.
Did the recruit think I would need him to guide me?

The heavens released a fresh dusting of snow,
The rookie grew restless, but we had to keep low.
I kept my eyes peeled and let my grip loosen,
A wonderful sight, here comes Chief Rasmussen.

My heart filled with joy as I watched him draw near,
Would the chief never notice me, was my worst fear.
He strode to the door and called in a firm voice,
Come out with your hands up, you don’t have a choice.

I watched him with pride, this man was my hero,
Just like Poirot and that Wolfe they call Nero.
As the bad guy obeyed and marched onto the porch,
I knew as long as I lived, I would carry this torch!

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