Tuesday, June 21, 2016


Meet Venice Sinclair in her first mystery novel...

Henderson, Nevada resident, Venice Sinclair enjoys bargain hunting at storage locker auctions with her best friend, Tanya. Unloading the units and sifting through their contents make her feel like she’s on a treasure hunt.

Being the highest bidder, Venice Sinclair discovers personal journals in a strange locker. Curiosity prevails and she soon finds herself drawn into the dramatic tales revealed in the diaries. Getting more than she bargained for, Venice uncovers disturbing hints about a dangerous crime.  Murder...

Venice’s strong sense of justice leads her to delve deeper into the former owner’s silent cries for justice. Searching for hidden meaning in the coded entries, she receives help from Tanya’s daughterprecocious, eleven-year-old Grace.

Each tantalizing clue presents more questions than answers. What happened to the journal writer? Who is the dead girl discussed in the diary? Can they identity the nefarious boyfriend? And where is the body?

Released through Oak Tree Press

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