Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Buffalo West Wing by Julie Hyzy

I stayed up til 2am reading this book - couldn't put it down!  Yes, the mystery was good and I enjoyed the action.  Set in Washington, DC, the heroine of the story is Ollie, the White House executive chef. 

The book delves into the changes due to the inaguaration of a new president. 

Ollie is nervous about keeping her job.  The new President and the First Lady have two young children. On Inaguaration Day, Ollie follows proper security protocol and makes an 'executive' decision that causes an immediate negative reaction with the First Lady and the First Kids. 

Hyzy has done her research well and lays out a compelling view of what really goes on behind the scenes with the day to day running of the WHite House.

Three thumbs up!

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