Monday, August 15, 2011

Cirque du Soleil - Extreme

Caught the show at Navy Pier.  These acrobats are incredible and put on a very good performance.  This is the first cirque du soleil I've seen that was not pitch black.  Their stage is underneath a tent top and it was a daylight show.  We had 3rd row seats which was cool - but also a little scary.  (I didn't sign up to catch someone if they fell!)

I've seen various cirque du soleils and I think one of the best was the water cirque at the Bellagio in Las Vegas (quite a few years back). 

I also was entertained by 'Ovo' which I saw last year in Atlanta. 


  1. Awesome!
    I remember that 'Ovo' last year in Atlanta. I meant to do a Blog Post about it but I don't think I did. They were amazing - they were incredible!

  2. I agree - All the various cirque shows I've seen are incredible!