2016 Reading Challenges


Going for
'Sleuth Extra'

21/21 books

1) Law And Author by Erika Chase
2) Candy Corn Murder by Leslie Meier
3) Murder She Wrote: The Ghost & Mrs. Fletcher by Jessica Fletcher, Donald Bain & Renee Paley Bain
4) Grace Cries Uncle by Julie Hyzy
5) Murder At The Courthouse by A. H. Gabhart
6) Death Comes To Kurland Hall by Catherine Lloyd
7) Murder At Barclay Meadow by Wendy Sand Eckel
8) A Likely Story by Jenn McKinlay
9) Murder On St. Nicholas Avenue by Victoria Thompson
10) The Haunted Season by G.M. Malliet
11) The Adventuress by Tasha Alexander
12) The Corsican Caper by Peter Mayle
13) Unleashed by Eileen Brady
14) The Scottie Barked At Midnight by Kaitlyn Dunnett
15) The Candy Cane Cupcake Killer by Livia J. Washburn
16) Cocaine Blues by Kerry Greenwood
17) The Silence Of The Chihuahuas by Waverly Curtis
18) The Anteater Of Death by Betty Webb
19) The Llama Of Death by Betty Webb
20) A Murder In Mohair by Anne Canadeo
21) Miss Ruffles Inherits Everything by Nancy Martin

This is a different type of book challenge.
You try to read a book that the title, author, or both starts with each letter of the alphabet.

24/26 books

A) Away With The Fairies by Kerry Greenwood
B) Board Stiff by Annelise Ryan
C) Come Hell Or Highball by Maia Chance
D) Dance Of The Bones by J. A. Jance
E) Eighth Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones
F) Fat Tuesday Fricassee by J.J. Cook
G) Ghost To The Rescue by Carolyn Hart
H) Haunt Couture & Ghosts Galore by Rose Pressey
I)  Inspector Spector by E.J. Copperman
J)  Judgment of Murder by C.S. Challinor
K) Killer Market by Margaret Maron
L) Law And Author by Erika Chase
M) Malice At The Palace by Rhys Bowen
N) No Gun Intended by Jo Dereske
O) Once Upon A Crime by P.J. Brackston
P) Purl Up And Die by Maggie Sefton
Q) Queen Of The Flowers by Kerry Greenwood
R) Ruddy Gore by Kerry Greenwood
S) Sense Of Deception by Victoria Laurie
T) Tricky Twenty-Two by Janet Evanovich
U) Untimely Death by Elizabeth J. Duncan
V) V
W) Who Let The Dog Out by David Rosenfelt
X) X by Sue Grafton
Y) Yappy Hour by Diana Orgain
Z) Z


(This is MY challenge)

(I'm aiming for the Pulitzer level)

29/30 books

Protagonist is a forensic specialist (forensic accountant, forensic artist, forensic pathologist, forensic dentist, etc) The Ghost Fields by Elly Griffiths (forensic archaeologist)
Protagonist is a crime-solving duo (any 2 person team: hubby/wife, siblings, professionals, etc) Murder Most Malicious by Alyssa Maxwell (lady & lady's maid)
Protagonist is a dead person (ghost, skeleton, vampire, zombie…anybody who is dead) A Skeleton In The Family by Leigh Perry (skeleton)
Protagonist works with animals (vet, dog walker, zookeeper, etc) Laying Down The Paw by Diane Kelly (K9 officer)
Protagonist is a legal professional (judge, lawyer, paralegal etc) Long Upon The Land by Margaret Maron (judge)

Number in the title - Eighth Grave After Dark by Darynda Jones
Poison in the title - A Is For Arsenic by Kathryn Harkup
Weather in the title - Ghost In The Wind by E.J. Copperman
Color in title - Black Cat Crossing by Kay Finch
Title starts with the same letter as your last name - Ornaments Of Death by Jane K. Cleland

Set in a little town - A Fatal Chapter by Lorna Barrett (Stoneham, NH)
NOT set on land (cruise ship, boat, airplane, spaceship, etc) Death By Water by Kerry Greenwood (cruise ship)
Set in Nevada - A Frenzied Bid For Murder by Ellie Oberth
Set on foreign soil (not America or England) Puffin Of Death by Betty Webb (Iceland)
Historical novel (pre 1930) - Murder At Whitehall by Amanda Carmack (1500's)

One book set during a party (family reunion, birthday, Christmas, etc) - The Readaholics And The Poirot Puzzle by Laura DiSilverio (grand opening bash)
One that centers around a holiday - The Bark Before Christmas by Lauren Berenson (Christmas)
One Dark & Stormy night – bad weather plays big role in story - Reading Up A Storm by Eva Gates
One where the protagonist has to beat the clock (time is crucial to solving mystery) Sense Of Deception by Victoria Laurie (have to find real killer before death sentence is carried out)
One set during a courtroom trial - Who Let The Dog Out by David Rosenfelt

(Method of Murder)
Poison is murder weapon - Murder In The Paperback Parlor by Ellery Adams
Knife/stabbing is murder weapon - Bodice Of Evidence by Nancy J. Parra
Gun/shooting is murder weapon - Death On Eat Street by J.J. Cook
Blunt object is murder weapon - Ghost To The Rescue by Carolyn Hart (bottle)
Rope/strangulation is murder weapon - Parchment And Old Lace by Laura Childs

WHO - Protagonist is a child (under the age of 18) - Thrice the Brinded Cat Hath Mew'd by Alan Bradley
WHAT - 3 word title (title is only 3 words and they all start with the same letter) Bye Bye, Baby by Max Allen Collins
WHERE - “Locked Room” mystery (not necessarily a room, as long as the scene is contained) Frankly My Dear, I'm Dead (locked in mansion)
WHEN – Death occurs during a natural disaster (hurricane, avalanche, tsunami, etc) Urn Burial by Kerry Greenwood (flood)
HOW - At least 3 different people killed by 3 different means, all in one story Murder Comes Calling by C. S. Challinor (garrote, bludgeoned, electrocution, carbon monoxide poisoning)

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