2013 Reading Challenges

Cruising Thru The Cozies

I'm heading for Super Sleuth
(Reading 13 mysteries)

13/13 books

1) The Potrait of Doreene Gray - Esri Allbritten
2) A Friendly Game of Murder - J. J. Murphy
3) Dial C for Chihuahua - Waverly Curtis
4) Deader Homes & Gardens - Joan Hess
5) The Real Macaw - Donna Andrews
6) And Then You Dye - Monica Ferris
7) Getting Old is Tres Dangereux - Rita Lakin
8) The Twelve Clues of Christmas - Rhys Bowen
9) Died With A Bow - Grace Carroll
10) Easter Bunny Murder - Leslie Meier
11) Death Of A Neighborhood Witch - Laura Levine
12) The Sweetness At The Bottom Of The Pie - Alan Bradley
13) A Misty Mourning - Rett MacPherson

A-Z Challenge

This is a different type of book challenge.
You try to read a book that the title, author, or both starts with each letter of the alphabet.

23/26 books

A) Arsenic & Old Puzzles - Parnell Hall
B) Book, Line & Sinker - Jenn McKinley
C) Chihuahau Of The Baskervilles - Esri Allbritten
D) Dying On The Vine - Aaron Elkins
E) Every Trick In The Book - Lucy Arlington
F) Final Sail - Elaine Viets
G) Gypped - Carol Higgins Clark
H) Hearse & Buggy - Laura Bradford
I) If Hooks Could Kill - Betty Hechtman
K) Killer Crust - Chris Cavender
L) Last Wool & Testament - Molly MacRae
M) Murder Of The Cat's Meow - Denise Swanson
N) Notorious Nineteen - Janet Evanovich
O) Out Of Circulation - Miranda James
P) Pampered To Death - Laura Levine
R) Revenge Of The Crafty Corpse - Lois Winston
S) Speaking From Among The Bones - Alan Bradley
T) Three Graves Full - Jamie Mason
U) Unnatural Habits - Kerry Greenwood
V) Vineyard Enigma - Phillip R. Craig
W) Written In Stone - Ellery Adams
X) The Alpine Xanadu - Mary Daheim
Y) Yarn To Go - Betty Hechtman

Book Challenge on Goodreads


1 book from each category

7/8 books

1) Elementary My Dear Watson - Of course we start with Sherlock Holmes. This can be any book where Sherlock appears as a character (so it's not restricted to those written by Arthur Conan Doyle)

2) Out of the Mouths of Babes - The dectective is a child.
**The Weed That Strings The Hangman's Bag**  Central character is 11 years old

3) Conmen Rule - The central character is a con man.
**The Heist - Janet Evanovich & Lee Goldberg**

4) Watching the Detectives - The central character is a member of the police.
**Evan Help Us - Rhys Bowen**  Central character is a Scottish policeman

5) Outside The Law - The central character is not a member of the police.
**Skating on the Edge - Joelle Charbonneau**  Central character owns a roller rink

6) Come Up To The Lab - Central character is a doctor/medical examiner.
**Lucky Stiff - Annelise Ryan**  Central character is a medical examiner

7) Arsenic & Old Lace - the central character is a senior citizen
**Getting Old is Tres Dangereux - Rita Lakin**  Central character is elderly

8) Crime in a Cold Climate - A book that is set in a cold climate.
**Mayhem At The Orient Express - Kylie Logan**


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